Welcome to my Official Website

I want to thank you for taking the time to check me out online. So, you want to know a little about me, right?

Ok, for starters, I’ve been in the adult entertainment business since 1995, the ripe young age of 18. I started out as a stripper at De Ja Vu, working all across the United States. I traveled to Vegas, Hawaii, the Mid- West, and even Japan. For a short time I was involved with a group called the Hollywood Knockouts, an Oil Wrestling and Foxxxy Boxing traveling tour group. I had wonderful crazy experiences with them!

Maybe you caught me at one of their shows across the US.

I had always dreamed of being a model but with my build that wasn’t going to be a reality for me. Atleast not the type of modeling I had originally wanted to do. I did know that my sexy curves drew attention so I decided why not do adult modeling? It’s a hot market and people really enjoy it! Including myself! ;o) I had dabbled in mainstream acting and extra work. After getting my first REAL gig with Playboy TV’s 7 Lives Xposed, I realized I could definitely do the soft core porn thing. I wasn’t exactly sure at the time if I could go all the way to Hardcore. It was about a year after that I went BALLS OUT and jumped in the game…..FUCK IT RIGHT? ;o)

Since August of 2002, I have done nearly 300 scenes. I love playing with girls and guys so I have been having an awesome time living out my fantasies. I’ve been nominated 3 times for Best 3way Sex Scene and have appeared in several movies that have taken awards at AVN over the years. It is my pleasure to bring to you passionate, steamy, hot, sensual sex that I feel is LACKING in the movie industry. I,myself, would watch porn and think “Why isn’t there any REAL passion among the actors?” So, I pride myself in displaying that side of SEX. Don’t get me wrong….straight fucking is great too!!!! I would just much rather have both ALL the time. I think it makes it that much more…….

I’m a crazy mix of Spanish, Sicilian, Chilean, German and French. If you dig deeper you’ll find even more Countries in my blood. ;o) I’m a mixed up MUTT! Ha ha ha! I like to refer to myself as the United Nations girl!

I’m currently working on other passions I have, such as my clothing line Diabla by Olivia. Fashion has always been a serious Passion of mine and I having so much fun playing around with it, whether it actually becomes successful or not, I’m having fun! I believe that you should always chase your dreams and set your goals high. You never know what you can accomplish until you put ALL your EFFORTS into play! You’d be surprised.

That’s enough of my bantering on…….if you wanna see my naked sexy ass getting down and dirty, getting my model, on or just catch me being me or my travels, pretty much anything I want to share with you. Don’t waste anymore time and GET A MEMBERSHIP!!!!! Show your love!


Olivia O’lovely